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Postnatal Care

Fourth Trimester

Increasingly, the postpartum period is known as the “fourth trimester”, with many changes occurring within the body as it returns to a non-pregnant state. In addition, many women experience new issues after delivery, or with breastfeeding. Some conditions affecting pregnancy and the postpartum period can even impact long-term health. Our care team will help you navigate these postpartum changes, and screen for risk of future health impact.

During these postnatal care visits, we can also discuss postpartum family planning.

Postpartum Mental Health

We can screen for and manage postpartum depression, or postpartum baby blues.

40 to 80 percent of new moms experience the postpartum baby blues due to hormonal changes in the first few weeks after delivery, with feelings of sadness, irritability and/or crying. Feelings and symptoms like these generally last less than two weeks. Postpartum depression is longer term and more severe, as it can include thoughts of harming yourself or your baby, and can affect emotional attachment to you baby. One in eight women can experience postpartum depression.

Treatment and management of postpartum baby blues and depression can include medication therapy, referral to counseling and/or other psychological services.

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