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Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group OB/GYN’s new OB Connect program offers expectant moms a more convenient, time saving and flexible option for prenatal care. VHC OB Connect equips moms-to-be with at-home remote monitoring equipment to enable more prenatal appointments to be done remotely than otherwise possible—reducing the need to take time off from work or arrange childcare to attend the standard appointments.

VHC OB Connect is based on the Mayo Clinic’s highly successful Nest Program, which has been shown to improve satisfaction with care and decrease anxiety.

How VHC OB Connect Works

Instead of coming to the office for all sixteen or more of your prenatal care visits, VHC OB Connect enables you to do some prenatal visits remotely by video with the help of at-home remote monitoring equipment. These video visits are done with a dedicated OB Connect Registered Nurse who works under the supervision of the VHC Physician Group OB/GYN medical team.

VHC OB Connect Remote Monitoring Equipment

As part of VHC OB Connect, you will use two pieces of equipment at home:

  • A fetal Doppler to check your baby’s heart rate
  • An electronic blood pressure cuff to monitor your blood pressure

Two days before your video visit, you send your blood pressure readings and fetal heart rates to your OB Connect Nurse using the MyVHC patient portal.

VHC OB Connect Video Visits

Before your video visit, the OB Connect Nurse will review your care plan and vital signs with a physician.

During your video visit, the OB Connect Nurse will discuss your vital signs and Doppler readings, review your care plan and provide coaching on topics to keep you healthy and prepared for what’s to come. These visits can be done from home, office or wherever is most convenient to you.

After your visit, the OB Connect Nurse will review your results with a provider.

Access Between Appointments

In between visits, your OB Connect Nurse is attentive to your every question and concern via a direct phone line or by direct message through the MyVHC patient portal.

Family Involvement

With VHC OB Connect, you can include your loved ones in your at-home prenatal care experience. Your partner can join your OB Connect virtual visits to ask questions and hear about your pregnancy’s progress. Siblings and grandparents can listen to the baby’s heartbeat when you use the fetal Doppler.

How Can I Participate in VHC OB Connect?

VHC OB Connect is available to patients of VHC Physician Group-OB/GYN – the first and only OB/GYN practice to offer this type of service in our area.

If you are interested in participating in VHC OB Connect, discuss whether you would be a good candidate to participate during your prenatal visits with your provider. They will take your medical history into consideration and work with you to develop a care plan that meets your preferences.

OB Connect Enrollment

The cost to participate in OB Connect is $195 and includes all remote monitoring equipment needed throughout the pregnancy. You will also receive a travel bag, journal, and water bottle.

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