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Group Lifestyle Change Class

MaryLou Hopkins, RN offeres a group lifestyle change class after your Initial Assessment with your doctor. The following materials are provided to you during the class:

  • Materials
  • Books
    • Ketoclarity by Jimmy Moore & Eric Westman
    • The Low Carb Dietician’s Guide to Health & Beauty by Franziska Spritzler
  • Instructional Pamphlet
  • Food Lists
  • Binder

The different components of the class include:

  • Principles of metabolism, basic physiology of energy balance, and basic pathophysiology of obesity
  • Basic nutrition
    • Macronutrient composition of foods
    • Basics of dietary electrolytes
    • Real vs. processed food
    • Role of hydration/fluid intake
    • Explanation of importance of healthy fat intake
  • Detailed instruction regarding food choices for implementation of a very low carbohydrate diet
  • Instruction on potential side effects of diet changes and how to identify and/or prevent them

After the class we will assess your body composition analysis via Bioelectric Impedance Analysis on Seca 514 mBCA located in our office.




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