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Physician Supervised Medical Weight-Loss Program

Our program is designed for long-term weight control with a focus on sustainable healthy lifestyle habits. We offer medical monitoring, low carbohydrate/ketogenic nutritional programs, behavioral strategies for lifestyle changes, and physical activity guidance.

The medically supervised weight loss program is structured and personalized. Following a physical exam, complete review of medical history, lab results and EKG, each patient works with our physicians to receive a personalized, intensive plan.

The individualized plan includes:

  • Medical monitoring
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Behavioral strategies to make lifestyle changes that are sustainable
  • Exercise guidance

Benefits of a Low Carbohydrate/Ketogenic Diet

1) It results in reliable/relatively rapid weight loss without hunger or necessity for calorie counting.
2) It minimizes carb cravings/sweet tooth and thus facilitates a transition to eating real, non-processed food.
3) It directly addresses the root cause of metabolic syndrome – carbohydrate intolerance and resultant insulin resistance.

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