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Consultative Cardiology Services

Our cardiologists work with patients who may need heart-related care. Other doctors may consult with them with questions about heart disease or other conditions. Your primary care physician may refer you to one of our cardiologists if you have symptoms of heart problems.


Dr. Thorn with long-time patient.


In a consultation, one of our cardiologists may:

  • Give you a physical exam
  • Order tests, such as an ECG, blood test, or exercise test
  • Look at the results of tests to diagnose a health condition you may have
  • Prescribe medication
  • Advise you on lifestyle changes, such as changes in your diet, weight, stress, and physical activity
  • Provide information to you about risks and prevention of heart disease
  • Schedule some procedures at Virginia Hospital Center, such as cardiac catheterization or implant a pacemaker
  • Refer you to a surgeon if you need surgery
  • Preform a pre-operative surgical risk assessment

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