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Dear Dr. Mordkin,
Thank you that you made the extra effort to discuss my case with me and my wife and for performing polyp removal from my bladder and DaVinci prostatectomy. Both surgeries were performed with such a superior skills. We were very touched with your support in Intensive Care Unit tonight after my surgery. We deeply appreciate your compassion and your exceptional care, very pleased with such a great results and looking forward for my full recovery. I’m very grateful to have you as my urologist.

Many thanks again,

Paul L., July 2013


Dear Dr. Mordkin,
Thank you so much for the superb skill and effort by you, your entire office staff and the robotic OR team. Everyone is first rate and I had exceptional care. You are an incredibly skilled surgeon and I’m fortunate to have found you. I am making an excellent, speedy recovery and cannot express enough my deepest appreciation.

B. B., June 2013


Dear Dr. Mordkin,
Thank you for your help with my prostate problems over the past two years. I’ve appreciated your ordinary-language explanations of the regular tests I’ve been given, your recommendations based on them, the recent thorough discussion of your recommendation for biopsies and the biopsy itself ten days ago. My wife and I were relieved that you told us that if the biopsy found cancer that we would have an extensive discussion of various treatment choices. Of course, I am tremendously relieved that the results were negative, no cancer. While I was waiting for the results of my biopsy, I was also thinking of you and how it is for you to wait for your patients’ biopsy results. It must be difficult for doctors like you, doctors who care, with patients undergoing tests which will determine the seriousness of their conditions, the treatment possibilities and the different prognoses, from benign to life-threatening. While deeply appreciating the care you and your staff have offered me, I am also thinking of you and the concerns you carry in this sensitive and difficult work.
Thank you,

Pete B., May 2013


Dear Dr. Mordkin,
On this date in 2008, I had the good fortune of having you remove my cancerous kidney using your amazing laparoscopic technique. Everything has gone very well since that time. I am very grateful, as I have told you before; however, it is a good feeling to be celebrating my five year cancer-free anniversary!

Another reason for this quick note is to tell you again, that a week or so before my surgery, at my initial visit with you, you were superb. At the first meeting, you showed me the CT scan and explained in detail I could understand exactly what I would be facing. When our meeting was completed, you walked with me to the hallway toward the elevator. During that period you said to me: “We’re going to fix you.” You gave me real assurance and settled my nerves. I will always remember that.
Many thanks,

Philip M., January 2013


Dear Dr. Mordkin,
Thank you for your exceptional care and superb judgment in handling my case. I am glad I followed my instincts and decided to have you do my surgery rather than the physicians at Johns Hopkins University.

I am so fortunate to have fallen under your care without doing any research on my own……….I have to confess I was a bit scared and concerned sitting in your waiting room before our first meeting. However, once I met you I immediately felt much better.

You are the best and I cannot thank you enough for saving my life (and the life of my unborn child)!
With warmest regards,

Beatriz H.., December 2012


Dear Dr. Mordkin,
My husband and I want to let you know how much we appreciate you seeing him the morning that hurricane Sandy hit the DC metro area. You answered the office phone yourself when we called in a panic that morning. You explained that you were about to start an emergency operation, that the office was closed because of the terrible weather, but that you would call us back just as soon as your emergency surgery was over………and you did just that!

You could have easily pitched the name and phone number into the trash, but you didn’t. Thank goodness! He was very scared (as was I) and we were on the verge of panic before you called. Not only did you call us back, you then saw us in the office immediately even though the office was closed.

Thank you once again for seeing him and treating him with such compassion. It is easy to see now why you have so many awards and accolades lining your office and hallway walls. My husband continues to make excellent progress towards recovery thanks to you and your wonderful staff.

Phyllis T., November 2012


Dear Dr. Mordkin:
I am writing to express my deep thanks to you and your superb Washington Urology team for the kidney stone surgical procedure you performed on me today at the Virginia Hospital Center. You did an excellent job and I am very grateful for your outstanding work and tremendous skill. My pain is gone and I have a new lease on life!
I know nothing about medicine or health care but I know excellence when I see it. The professionalism, competence and good care is simply first rate. I am lucky to be your patient.
Best regards,

John F., May 2012


In January of 2011, I was a patient of Dr. Andrew Joel of Washington Urology at the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, VA. After his described my condition, reviewed options, and offered his opinion, I decided to have Dr. Joel perform a radical prostatectomy using the Robotic surgery method.

My experience was the most successful I could have hoped. I entered the hospital on an afternoon and was released early the next morning.

I could not be more impressed with Dr. Joel and his staff. I have not encountered a doctor’s office that was any more friendly and efficient. His NP, Heather Causseaux, has been a major part of my continued care and I have received excellent care from her. Dr. Joel has an excellent bedside manner and was very careful to make sure I understood all things relating to my case.

Due to Dr. Joel’s skillful use of the Da Vinci machine and his attendants in the operating room, the only side effects of the surgery, incontinence and impotence, disappeared after about three months, even though I was warned it might take up to two years to recover. The surgery itself was not invasive, just five small puncture wounds. I left the hospital and needed just one Aleve for discomfort.

After almost a year and a half, I seem to be completely cured and have been able to enjoy life as before the surgery.

Steve M., April 2012


Dear Dr. Mordkin,
Thank you so much for all of your effort and expertise several weeks ago on my behalf. It really showed how much you care about your patients. It meant a tremendous amount to me that you made the extra effort to discuss my case with my primary care physician and then kept your office open after hours to perform my procedure in such an excellent manner.
You are a wonderful doctor!
Thank you,

Kristen P., March 2012


Dear Dr. Mordkin,
I was a nervous patient used to doctor’s appointments but not sure what to expect from a urologist. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me that you made me comfortable with my questions and explained to me your expert opinion. You have a skill that I hope is not overlooked. As much as I wish I don’t have to some see you, I will undoubtedly turn to your office again without hesitation should the need arise in the future! A million thanks again,

M.C., January 2012


Dear Dr. Mordkin,
I imagine you are a little tired of me saying thank you, but I so appreciate everything you’ve done for me that I really can’t thank you enough. Without exaggeration, you saved my life! When I first found out that I had a cancerous tumor in my kidney, I was so scared and I thought I was going to die. I called your office after I was recommended to you by both my primary physician as well as a close friend who had heard of your excellent reputation as a skilled laparoscopic surgeon. Your front desk staff immediately put me at ease and they were able to get me an appointment so quickly (I saw you the next day after I received the news of my CT scan).
When my daughter and I met with you at your office, I felt so comfortable. You were kind but also right to the point and let us know what would need to happen. Even though I know you were very busy that day, you took the necessary time to explain everything to me so that I could understand what was necessary and why.
You are a truly excellent, kind doctor and I thank God for giving you the skills and knowledge to help people. The laparoscopic surgery you performed to remove my kidney tumor went very well and I’m happy to report I’m entirely back to normal, just as you promised!
Sincerely from your very satisfied and grateful patient,

Joyce L., December 2011


Dear Dr. Mordkin:
I wanted to share with you a letter I sent to the President of the Hospital today. Your staff, and specially, Diane and Heather have exceeded all of my expectations for customer service, care and compassion. When I first called your office, I was expecting the usual, the Doctor can see you but it will be two or three weeks before he can see you. Diane arranged to have me come in the next morning and the rest is history but you should know that you have amazing staff! I will be seeing you the rest of my life and I am actually looking forward to receiving your care and guidance. Thank you and your staff!

Mr. James B. Cole
President and Chief Executive Officer
Virginia Hospital Center
1701 N. George Mason Dr.
Arlington, VA 22205-3698


Dear Mr. Cole:
Three weeks ago your hospital saved my life and more specifically, Dr. Robert Mordkin, Chief of Urology at Virginia Hospital Center performed a Transurethral Resection of my Bladder to remove a tumor, which was caught at an early stage.

I want you to know that I reached out to Dr. Mordkin’s office a week before the surgery on October 27, and his office arranged for me to come in and meet with Dr. Mordkin who together with his staff provided an amazing level of care and compassion.

The outpatient surgery area of your hospital should also be complemented, the entire process and procedure for checking you in is truly amazing. The three RNs that took care of me were extremely nice and extremely competent.

I live 5 minutes from INOVA hospital and I have made a life decision to do everything in my power to make Virginia Hospital Center my Hospital and I have made a live decision to do everything in my power to make Virginia Hospital Center my Hospital of choice and I have told all of my friends and co-workers what an amazing facility you all have here.

I will be eternally grateful to your hospital for helping me get through what was an emotional time.

Thank you and your fine staff!

Edward M., November 2011


Dear Dr. Mordkin:
Thank you for a successful surgery! Your compassion and expertise is what made this operation a victory. Now, thanks to God and you, I have my life back! I could not be happier. You succeeded where two other surgeons had failed. Amazing!
Once again, thank you. You are much appreciated.

Mary V., November 2011


I met the staff at Washington Urology when referred for a mass on my kidney which could possibly be cancerous. From the kindness of Diane, at the front desk, who expedited scheduling, to Dr Bernstein and Dr Mordkin, who performed my partial nephrectomy. I was so pleased and felt cared for by these true professionals. My surgery and different options were explained. Second opinions were encouraged and I definitely decided they were the ones to take out this mass. VHC as a whole was fantastic and my anesthesia and surgery went well. The nurses in my care took such great care of me and my family was informed of my progress and encouraged to be there with me for recovery. My tumor was benign and hugs were had by all when that news came. I would recommend Washington Urology and VHC to all for their cleanliness and thoroughness…. But most of all their kindness!

Beth M, November 2011


Dear Dr. Mordkin,
My wife and I want to thank you and your entire staff for the wonderful care you have all provided during my recent robotic prostate surgery. I’ve had an easy recovery and already regained the majority of my urinary control after just one week! The best part is finding out that the cancer has been entirely removed. Thank you for saving my life. Sincerely,

Thomas D, October 2011


Dr. Mordkin and staff,
On June 13, 2011, you performed a laparoscopic robotic partial nephrectomy on me and I just want to tell you how well I am doing. Thank you and all of your staff for your kind consideration and help during such a stressful time. You have literally saved my life.

Everyone in your office put me at ease, especially Diane at the front desk (she deserves a raise!).

Many thanks again.


Gene W., October 2011


Dr. Mordkin,
It’s been almost seven weeks since I walked into your office with a stricture problem. You’re staff was kind enough to get me in ASAP. I’m the business what was visiting the DC area for work and whom you had to operate on immediately due to scar tissue blocking my urethra. I wanted to write and say thank you! I am grateful that you saw me in an emergency situation. I also wanted to let you know that your work has been highly successful.

I visited my doctor back at home a week after surgery and he said that everything you did “looked great”. I’ve been fine ever since your procedure. So, though I’m not a regular patient, I wanted to say thanks!!

Best Regards,

Jeff W., October 2011


Dear Dr. Mordkin,
It has been one year (to the day) since you performed my prostatectomy. During my visit today with my regular urologist in southern Virginia, I learned that my PSA results are “undetectable”. While I am still mindful of your words of caution, I could not hope for a better outcome one year down the road from surgery. Everything is working as promised!
I want to thank you, and your entire team, for the great skill and care. My family and I certainly appreciate all you’ve done for me. I continue to lead an active life and will for many years to come.

John, September 2011


My association with Dr. Robert M. Mordkin, as a patient, began on July 2005. I was referred to him by Dr. Brian J. Boland, my Health Care provider. He had me undergo a CAT scan which showed a polyp on the bladder. He then referred me to Dr. Robert M. Mordkin, in Urology, for further diagnosis. Dr. Mordkin performed a Cystoscopy to evaluate the extent of the polyp on the bladder. He then scheduled me for an operation on 23 August 2005. The operation was a success. The odds of this pre-cancerous condition was 70%. Not good odds, but with time, the odds were in my favor. After the operation, I was scheduled for quarterly visits for a long, long time, but now on semi-annual visits. As of today, I am doing just fine – I hope. The latest operation was September 2010 for removal of my left kidney – what’s next?
Without being verbose, I shall summarize my overall evaluation of Dr. Robert M. Mordkin:

  • The first time we met, I took an immediate liking to him.
  • I sensed in his tone of voice that he was self-assured, confident and optimistic. Never did he speak of dire circumstances.
  • The way he spoke he allayed my fears for surgery that I looked forward to the next one without concern. After surgery there several, I would wake-up in the recovery room like I just had a good night’s sleep and ready to go home – hooray!
  • Dr. Mordkin is truly an outstanding doctor and surgeon. He can certainly perform surgery on me whenever he finds it necessary.
  • Without reservation, he is a gentleman and complements his medical profession.
  • I am sure that he treats his patients the same way that he treats me.

I wish him and his family the very best for future and a great career.

George, August 2011


No one ever anticipates hearing “You have cancer” from your Doctor. The long road of treatment, medicine, sickness, stress, and wondering…”Will I survive this???!!!” is an everyday thought. I couldn’t have taken this very difficult journey w/o the Dr’s and staff at Washington Urology. Heather, their Nurse Practitioner, made me feel like I was their ONLY patient. She always gave me an excellent and timely response to my many questions and requests. The positive energy in the office made me feel right at home. I wouldn’t have put my life in anyone else’s hands but theirs and I don’t think I could have survived cancer w/o them!! I can now joyfully announce I have been cancer free for one year!! I would highly recommend this practice to any and everyone who is looking for an EXCELLENT Urologist. Heather, I hope this short paragraph helps other patients understand the LOVE I felt from all of you while being a patient there!! (and that its been worth the LONG wait) Look fwd to talking to you again soon.

Hilary, August 2011


“For many if not most men, issues of the prostate are complex and emotional, touching on health, concern, hope and manliness. As much as a man would seek skill in a urologist and surgeon, there is also the important element of finding a doctor for trust and understanding. Robert Mordkin is such a physician.
Dr. Mordkin’s impressive accomplishments and credentials aside, I found him to be a doctor who sincerely understands and cares about his patients. Those special qualities are carried throughout the environment of his professional practice, from patient scheduling to treatment and followup.”

David, July 2011


Dear Dr. Robert M. Mordkin,
To hear the word, “Cancer”, is one of the most frightening words that an individual or family member will hear. After hearing that I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June, 2009, at the age of 40, I was first in shock, then I went into denial and many other emotions followed. Finally, acceptance and determination to fight set in. I spent countless hours researching prostate cancer on the internet to evaluate what my best options would or could be. The Urologist that conducted the biopsy referred me to Dr. Mordkin at Virginia Hospital Center located in Arlington, VA. I traveled down for a consultation visit. I was very impressed with the entire staff and especially with Dr. Mordkin. We went through all available options, and we chose to proceed with the da Vinci robot to perform the robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomies. On August 24, 2009, I went in to have the procedure. The entire staff treated me like a person, not a diagnosis. They answered every question and addressed all concerns I had. I was nervous but I knew that I was in the best hands. After the procedure, everything that Dr. Mordkin lined out during the consultation fell right in place step-by-step. The recovery was the next step; I followed his guidelines and before my six month visit everything was back to 100%. I continue to drive to Dr. Mordkin’s office every six months to have my PSA test completed, just so I can see the staff that was truly there for me during such a daunting time in my life and a very special thank you to Heather. I would like to take this opportunity, personally and on behalf of my soon to be wife Carma and our families, to thank you for everything that you have done for me, and for the things that I am capable of doing to this day and hopefully many days to follow. It is all because of you and your team.”

Best Regards, 
James,  July 2011


I have been a patient of Drs. Joel and Mordkin for the last 8 ½ years. I am also an 8 ½ year kidney cancer survivor. Drs. Joel and Mordkin performed a laproscopic nephrectomy on me in 2002. I was home the next day and back to work shortly thereafter. I have since had two re-occurances but am now once again cancer free.
Throughout this journey Dr. Joel truly listened to, respected and supported my wishes about treatment. We, in turn, have listened to, respected and trusted Dr. Joel’s advice. He has always been open and honest in all our discussions – always taking time to answer our many questions and concerns.
He has been an amazing advocate for me, convincing other physicians to help me in a situation where most would have considered my case inoperable. When I talk with other kidney cancer patients I realize how special Dr. Joel’s care has been. When my treatment did not involve surgery Dr. Joel followed my care and worked with my oncologist. My family and I will always be grateful for the care I have received and continue to receive from Dr. Joel.
On a personal note, during my first checkup following the nephrectomy Dr. Mordkin advised me to go live my life. I have tried my best to follow that advice. We have been fortunate enough to be able to travel the world – even recently fulfilling one of my dreams to climb the Great Wall of China. But best of all three grandchildren have been born in the last 8 ½ years. I would have never known the joy and happiness of being a part of their lives without the care I have received from Drs. Joel and Mordkin.

Brenda, July 2011


Dr. Joel and his staff have been unfailingly professional, conscientious and courteous since I developed kidney/bladder cancer four years ago. Within two days of the main operation I was back at work. Since then they have stayed on top of my condition to prevent a recurrence. Washington Urology takes the extra step. For instance, they notify me immediately with the results of tests. When the oncologist orders a CT scan, they receive a copy and notify me of the results as soon as they get it, usually before the oncologist does. Best of all Dr. Joel encourages me to exercise, although that doesn’t always please my wife. Because my father was a doctor and my mother a nurse I have some sense of quality medical care. Dr. Joel and his staff deliver.

James, July 2011


I was referred to Washington Urology by my Primary Physician. He assured me that you were the most competent to take care of my potentially serious urological problem.
I was impressed with my initial introduction to your office. With smooth versatility I was processed and actually made to feel welcome.
My next encounter was with Dr. Joel. My impression then, and now, was that he takes an intellectual and factual approach to all facets of a problem. I believe that no research is too demanding and no technique too difficult if it contributes to the overall value of his work. He is a tribute to your exceptional team.
In summary… your physicians and supporting staff are: artful; astute; imaginative, and outstanding in every respect.”

John, July 2011 


I met the staff at Washington Urology when referred for a mass on my kidney which could possibly be cancerous. From the kindness of Diane, at the front desk, who expedited scheduling, to Dr Bernstein and Dr Mordkin, who performed my partial nephrectomy. I was so pleased and felt cared for by these true professionals. My surgery and different options were explained. Second opinions were encouraged and I definitely decided they were the ones to take out this mass. VHC as a whole was fantastic and my anesthesia and surgery went well. The nurses in my care took such great care of me and my family was informed of my progress and encouraged to be there with me for recovery. My tumor was benign and hugs were had by all when that news came. I would recommend Washington Urology and VHC to all for their cleanliness and thoroughness…. But most of all their kindness!

Joe, June, 2011

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