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Robotic Surgery: Radical Prostatectomy with Nerve Sparing

Men have multiple treatment options to consider when faced with a new diagnosis of organ-confined prostate cancer. Of the surgical options available, the fastest growing and most technologically advanced approach is robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, also called a “da Vinci prostatectomy with nerve sparing.”

A da Vinci prostatectomy offers removal of the entire prostate gland while attempting to preserve the nerves, muscles and blood vessels that are required for successful urinary control and erectile function. The da Vinci procedure is unique in comparison to traditional surgery in that it is performed using much smaller incisions, 3-D magnified imagery, and small, highly precise instruments.

The surgery is typically completed in less than two hours and requires a general anesthetic. The vast majority of patients will be discharged home after only one night in the hospital. They will all have an internal catheter to drain the bladder for 8 or 9 days postoperatively and most will return to full normal activity within 2 to 3 weeks.

To date, no patients who have had robotic prostatectomy by the surgeons at Urology have required blood transfusions in the operating room.

Dr. Mordkin and Dr. Joel have performed several hundred of these operations and they are assisted in the operating room at the Virginia Hospital Center by a group of carefully selected operating room nurses who comprise the hospital’s “Robotic Surgery Team”.

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