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Welcome to Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group Urology

Innovative, Skilled, and Compassionate Urological Care

Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group Urology was established in June 2005 in order to provide the best urological care in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We are dedicated to delivering innovative, skilled, and compassionate evaluation and treatment for a wide variety of genitourinary conditions. Areas of expertise include urologic laparoscopy and robotic-assisted surgery, urological oncology, the management of benign prostate enlargement, kidney stone disease, reconstructive urology, male sexual health and male infertility, and male and female incontinence. VHC Physician Group Urology offers two convenient Northern Virginia locations. Our main office is located in the hospital tower at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington. The second office is in Alexandria, which is easily accessible from Washington, DC, I-95, 395 & 495. We are currently accepting new patients and participate with most major health insurance policies.


Expertise in Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is one of the primary areas of emphasis at Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group Urology.

The surgeons at Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group Urology are some of the most experienced physicians in the entire mid-Atlantic region in using the da Vinci robotic technology. Dr. Mordkin first became involved in robotic procedures in 2004, shortly after the device was approved by the FDA for use in the United States. The surgeons have now performed hundreds of these robotic operations and routinely use the da Vinci robot for nearly all of the cancer surgeries that they perform, particularly in the surgical management of prostate cancer and kidney cancer. Dr. Mordkin and Dr. Joel routinely travel to other hospitals throughout the country to teach some of their specialized robotic skills. Dr. Mordkin serves as the Director of Robotic Surgery at the Virginia Hospital Center.

Robotic surgery utilizes an interface (the “da Vinci robot”) between the surgeon and very specialized surgical instruments. Traditional operations have long required surgeons to make incisions large enough to allow them to place their hands into the patient’s body. With the more recent advent of laparoscopy and subsequently, robotic techniques, these same operations can now be achieved through very small incisions, often no larger than the size of a dime. These “minimally invasive” or “keyhole” operations provide the same outcomes of the older operations yet offer improved intraoperative visualization, less blood loss, superior cosmetic results, and dramatically reduced postoperative pain. The robotic technology which has made these newer surgeries feasible is quite expensive. Only select hospitals such as the Virginia Hospital Center have been able to provide this advanced equipment, thus offering our patients access to the most superior and current treatment options available today. Operations which are typically performed using the da Vinci robot include: radical nerve sparing prostatectomy for prostate cancer, partial nephrectomy for kidney tumors, radical cystectomy for bladder malignancy, and pyeloplasty for reconstruction of obstructed kidneys.

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