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A Special Interview with John R. Garrett, MD, FACS

dr-garrettIn addition to being Chairman of the Board of Directors at Virginia Hospital Center, Dr. Garrett is Chief of Cardiac, Vascular & Thoracic Surgery and Director of Physician Operations.  He has been a member of Virginia Hospital Center’s Medical Staff since 1989.

How would you describe the Virginia Hospital Center (VHC) Physician Group?

Dr. Garrett:  “The Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group is a diverse group of very highly selected physicians ranging from the most highly specialized surgical specialists to primary care and family practitioners who are part of the mission and vision of Virginia Hospital Center.  All of us strive to provide the best and the most excellent care for our patients.”

How would you define the relationship between the VHC Physician Group and Virginia Hospital Center?

Dr. Garrett:   “The Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group is part and parcel of Virginia Hospital Center.   Our Physician Group enjoys all of the expert capabilities the Hospital has to offer from the state-of-the-art facility, to Magnet status for nurses, to the latest and greatest medical equipment.  All of our physicians are tied into the Hospital’s infrastructure with seamless integration.”

What sets the VHC Physician Group apart from others?

Dr. Garrett:  “First and foremost, the leadership of the Physician Group is very highly selective in their recruiting efforts.  We screen our candidates carefully and we select doctors based on specific criteria that all of us share.  The individuals all have a shared vision for how they want to practice; we all share that.”

What qualities do you look for in your doctors?

Dr. Garrett:  “We select doctors that are well trained, that are energetic, actually enjoy caring for patients, and that put patients on a pedestal making them a number 1 priority.  Our physicians are sympathetic to patients, they’re kind-hearted.  Our doctors understand the plight of a patient who is not feeling well.  We understand what it means to make a patient wait to see us.  We understand about how scared patients and their families can be when they have an illness.  We appreciate the privilege to care for patients.”

How would you describe the relationship between the physician and patient?  

Dr. Garrett:  “We really strive to coordinate and provide the most excellent care.  Patients get a sense that there is depth in what we have to offer so that whatever is wrong, there is a background of other doctors and expertise in the Hospital that can help.  The Group as a whole is energized to offer a different level of service to patients. There is genuine energy in trying to redefine ways to make patient care better.”

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