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Bariatric Focus: Summer Events – Life After Bariatric Surgery

Summer is here along with picnics, graduation parties, fairs and other social events. How will you manage all of these fun-filled events now that you have had weight-loss surgery? Here are a few strategies to help you.

  • Plan ahead. Think about what types of foods will be served. This information will help you plan out your day and decide whether or not you need to eat at home or bring something with you. Offering to bring a dish that you know you can eat will not only help you, but also help the host.
  • Follow your normal routine. Do not skip meals or eat less to “make” room for the party. This can lead to overeating and not feeling well when you eat more than your small stomach can hold.
  • Don’t go hungry. If you don’t want to eat a full meal before going to the party, at least make sure you eat a protein bar, drink a protein shake or eat a small protein snack so you aren’t going to the event hungry or on an empty stomach.
  • Focus on family and friends. When you get to an event, don’t focus on what is on the table. Think about who is at the table with you. Spend more time chatting and less time chewing.
  • Sit down at a table to eat. Eat intentionally to reduce the mindless intake of calories. Eat slowly. Put your fork down between bites. Savor each bite of food noting its texture, flavor and taste.
  • Grab a small plate. You cannot fit a lot of food on a small plate. When you’re finished, get rid of the plate so you aren’t tempted to add more food to it. It’s also OK to leave food on your plate. You don’t have to eat everything.
  • Drink calorie-free liquids. Drinks can add up in unwanted calories. Choose only water or calorie-free beverages. Many special occasions include alcohol. Alcohol has a lot of empty calories. When you drink, you are more likely to overeat. Stick with water, and remember to take small sips.

Special occasions are just as special without your focus being on the food. Remember, keep your dietary restrictions in mind and plan ahead. Managing your portion sizes and cravings in situations like these can help you stay confident and on track to maintain your weight loss.

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