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Kyla Patek, MS, CGC


Kyla Patek received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota and attended graduate school at the University of Cincinnati where she received her Master’s degree in Medical Genetics.  She worked as a prenatal genetic counselor at the University of Texas and Texas Fetal Center in Houston.  Prior to joining VHC Health, Kyla was a genetic counselor Kaiser Permanente where she saw patients for both prenatal and oncology indications.  In addition to clinical work, she has a strong interest in clinical research and has contributed to research on fetal brain imaging, the genetics of brain aneurysms and the utilization and comprehension of prenatal screening and testing options.

Kyla joined the VHC Health Physicians in 2015. She is board certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling and sees patients for preconception and prenatal indications, including: positive carrier screening, positive maternal serum screening, testing/screening options for high risk patients, personal or family history of genetic conditions, abnormal ultrasound, birth defects, and recurrent miscarriage. Kyla is board certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling and licensed in the state of Virginia as a genetic counselor.

When not at work, Kyla enjoys exploring playgrounds and hiking trails around Northern Virginia with her husband and two young children, organizing a book club and volunteering with organizations supporting children with disabilities.

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