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Testimonials: Dr. Mordkin

May 2016

A letter to Mr. James Cole, President & Chief Executive Officer at Virginia Hospital Center 

Dear Mr. Cole:

On April 11, 2016, my husband, [D.G.] underwent prostate surgery in your fine hospital. We traveled from the Lake Placid area in New York to Arlington so D.G. could be under the care of Dr. Robert Mordkin. Dr. Mordkin was referred to us by a good friend here in New York. After reviewing his credentials and D.G. having a conversation with him, we were convinced he was the Doctor we wanted to perform D.G.’s surgery.

Dr. Mordkin’s office staff coordinated seamlessly with the urologist in Plattsburgh, NY. All records were transferred without a hitch, pre-surgical instructions were clear and concise and communications back and forth were excellent. As a patient, one of the most important things is to have the utmost confidence in your surgeon and his staff. Without even meeting Dr. Mordkin personally prior to the morning of surgery, we were full of confidence in him simply through one telephone conversation and communications with his staff. Dr. Mordkin thanked D.G. for putting his trust in him — a valuable and impressive comment from an extremely busy surgeon.

The morning of surgery arrived and we checked into the hospital. From a cheery greeting by the receptionist in the lobby to the pre-surgical procedures, we could not have been more impressed by the administrative staff. They explained everything clearly and told us how I would be contacted throughout the morning with updates on D.G.’s progress. As D.G. was prepared for surgery, the nurses could not have been kinder. They explained everything they were doing step by step. Our daughter accompanied us. As an emergency room physician herself, she was very impressed by their clarity and excellent bedside manner. The anesthesiologist, Dr. Tiffany Mueller, was very thorough in her explanations and also had a lovely bedside manner. When Dr. Mordkin arrived, we felt as though we were meeting a friend. Everyone we had spoken with had been kind, considerate, respectful and thoroughly knowledgeable. They set a relaxed, yet professional atmosphere and Dr. Mordkin enhanced the scene. He explained in detail, yet in very understandable language, exactly what he was going to do, how he was going to do it and what to expect afterward. We could not have asked for a better experience in the pre-op stage.

As the morning progressed, just as promised, I was contacted at key points during the surgery. Again, I was treated warmly and respectfully. At no point did I feel like “just a number”. When the surgery was over, Dr. Mordkin came to the waiting room and explained what he did and how everything went. Our daughter was able to ask technical questions and he answered her questions thoroughly and with total peer respect. Although we know he was performing numerous surgeries that day, we never felt as though he was rushed or could only give us a few minutes. We greatly appreciated his wonderful manner and comforting approach.

The excellent care continued in the recovery room and on the ICU floor where D.G. was housed for the night. The nurses were so kind and efficient and did everything they could to make all of us comfortable.

In your Executive Bio, it says “the Hospital has achieved nationwide standing as a high-value provider with a superlative commitment to organizational performance, quality and patient satisfaction.” From our perspective, these words could not be more accurate! In a day and age where we hear so many negative comments regarding healthcare in general, I think it is very important that you hear praise from a very satisfied patient and his family. D.G.’s recovery has gone beautifully thanks to the outstanding skills of Dr. Mordkin and the team surrounding him. We thank you for an excellent outcome and, as odd as it may seem under the circumstances, a very pleasant experience all around!

Warm Regards,
D.G. and J. G.

April 2014

Dear Dr. Mordkin,

I want to thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart.
When I first heard about the tumor on my kidney, I was very upset and scared. After meeting with you, weeks before surgery, my mind was immediately at ease. Prior to surgery, post surgery and all along the way you and your gang could not have been more professional or more kind…….a hard combo to have!

Thank you for everything and, again, you are a fantastically skilled surgeon.

April 2014

Dear Dr. Mordkin,

Thank you so much for developing your skills and for pioneering new techniques that make you one of the world’s top surgeons. I have certainly benefited greatly from your expertise. Let me explain.
You performed my robotic prostatectomy in August, 2013 at the Virginia Hospital Center and I was discharged the following morning with only mild discomfort. I had three days of the mild discomfort, only at the incision points, but these were well controlled by Tylenol. By the fourth day, I was off of all pain medications.
This is the amazing part. When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, my original urologist called and personally spoke with you to set up an appointment for me and my wife to discuss options for surgery. Our friends and family had recommended we seek a surgeon at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, however, my doctors all told me that Dr. Mordkin is the best robotic urologic surgeon in the area and even better than most at Johns Hopkins. I was able to do my registration for my visit on line ahead of the first appointment. You saw me at exactly the scheduled appointment time and I didn’t have to wait at all! That’s a first for me. We had a good consultation in your office and, after my wife and I discussed everything, I decided to have you do my prostate removal using the da Vinci robot.
My recovery from surgery was surprisingly uneventful. I used two to three pads a day for the first few months following surgery and by my fourth month after surgery I had full urinary control. I am now six months out from the operation and often forget that I’ve ever had prostate cancer or surgery to remove it. My incisions are completely healed and my urine flow is excellent. I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate before my surgery and sometimes woke up three times at night to relieve myself. I’m happy to say that, since my surgery, I am now sleeping through the entire night, back to my regular activities, pain free, enjoying my family, working on my house and enjoying life. Most importantly, my PSA level is zero….undetectable!
I also want to thank your entire staff at the Virginia Hospital Center for their expertise, guidance and consideration. Pre-operatively, they did everything from explaining and handling insurance procedures, arranging all lab tests and teaching me post-op care.
So, thanks again for making this significant surgery a non-event!

Warm regards,

 February 2014

Dear Dr. Mordkin,

Thank you for spending so much time with me and my husband last week during his initial consultation. It was the first time in more than two years of visiting physicians that we finally felt as if a doctor took a genuine interest in his complicated health situation.
We both left your office confident that you understand his issue and will be able to help things improve. How lucky to have found a caring, intelligent doctor like you!


 July 2013

Dear Dr. Mordkin,

Thank you that you made the extra effort to discuss my case with me and my wife and for performing polyp removal from my bladder and DaVinci prostatectomy. Both surgeries were performed with such a superior skills. We were very touched with your support in Intensive Care Unit tonight after my surgery. We deeply appreciate your compassion and your exceptional care, very pleased with such a great results and looking forward for my full recovery. I’m very grateful to have you as my urologist.

Many thanks again,
Paul L.

 June 2013

Dear Dr. Mordkin,

Thank you so much for the superb skill and effort by you, your entire office staff and the robotic OR team. Everyone is first rate and I had exceptional care. You are an incredibly skilled surgeon and I’m fortunate to have found you. I am making an excellent, speedy recovery and cannot express enough my deepest appreciation.

B. B.

 May 2013

Dear Dr. Mordkin,

Thank you for your help with my prostate problems over the past two years. I’ve appreciated your ordinary-language explanations of the regular tests I’ve been given, your recommendations based on them, the recent thorough discussion of your recommendation for biopsies and the biopsy itself ten days ago. My wife and I were relieved that you told us that if the biopsy found cancer that we would have an extensive discussion of various treatment choices. Of course, I am tremendously relieved that the results were negative, no cancer. While I was waiting for the results of my biopsy, I was also thinking of you and how it is for you to wait for your patients’ biopsy results. It must be difficult for doctors like you, doctors who care, with patients undergoing tests which will determine the seriousness of their conditions, the treatment possibilities and the different prognoses, from benign to life-threatening. While deeply appreciating the care you and your staff have offered me, I am also thinking of you and the concerns you carry in this sensitive and difficult work.

Thank you,
Pete B.

 January 2013

Dear Dr. Mordkin,

On this date in 2008, I had the good fortune of having you remove my cancerous kidney using your amazing laparoscopic technique. Everything has gone very well since that time. I am very grateful, as I have told you before; however, it is a good feeling to be celebrating my five year cancer-free anniversary!

Another reason for this quick note is to tell you again, that a week or so before my surgery, at my initial visit with you, you were superb. At the first meeting, you showed me the CT scan and explained in detail I could understand exactly what I would be facing. When our meeting was completed, you walked with me to the hallway toward the elevator. During that period you said to me: “We’re going to fix you.” You gave me real assurance and settled my nerves. I will always remember that.

Many thanks,
Philip M.

 December 2012

Dear Dr. Mordkin,

Thank you for your exceptional care and superb judgment in handling my case. I am glad I followed my instincts and decided to have you do my surgery rather than the physicians at Johns Hopkins University.

I am so fortunate to have fallen under your care without doing any research on my own……….I have to confess I was a bit scared and concerned sitting in your waiting room before our first meeting. However, once I met you I immediately felt much better.

You are the best and I cannot thank you enough for saving my life (and the life of my unborn child)!

With warmest regards,
Beatriz H.

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