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Radical Cystectomy with Ileal Conduit Urinary Diversion

Urinary tract diversion is performed when the bladder has been removed, which is occasionally required to treat certain cancers. It is necessary to divert the urine out of the body because the kidneys will continue to produce urine even in the absence of a bladder. Urinary tract diversions take one of two forms. The first is an incontinent urinary diversion which is often referred to as an ileal conduit. This surgery utilizes a piece of the patient’s intestine to divert the urine through a small hole in the abdominal wall. Patients who select this type of procedure will be required to wear an external appliance or “bag” which will have to be emptied into the toilet from time to time. The second type of urinary tract diversion is called a continent diversion which means that the patient will not have to wear an external bag to collect the urine. Following this type of surgery, the patient may either void normally through their own urethra or they may need to place a catheter themselves a few times per day to drain the urine. Continent urinary diversions are sometimes called neo-bladders. This type of surgery most closely approximates normal bladder function. Continent urinary diversion surgery is complex and requires certain expertise to be performed correctly. Both Dr. Mordkin and Dr. Joel have extensive experience in these types of procedures.

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