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Robotic Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy

For patients who have kidney cancer, there are multiple treatment options to include observation, surgery and ablative techniques. Historically an entire kidney needed to be removed when a suspected tumor was present, often through a large incision. With technological advances, we are often now able to just remove the affected portion of the kidney, called a partial nephretomy.

With the advent of the da Vinci robot, we are now able to perform the parital nephrectomy with significatnly less morbidity to our patients. The surgery is still performed under general anesthesia but typically requires less than two hours to complete. Many patients are discharged from the hospital the next day following surgery. Patients generally have negligible blood loss and relatively rapid recovery to normal activity. Several large sample research studies have shown equal efficacy, in terms of cancer cure, comparing complete removal of the entire kidney to the less invasive excision of the localized cancerous tumor.

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Dear Dr. Mordkin,
On this date in 2008, I had the good fortune of having you remove my cancerous kidney using your amazing laparoscopic technique. Everything has gone very well since that time. I am very grateful, as I have told you before; however, it is a good feeling to be celebrating my five year cancer-free anniversary!
Another reason for this quick note is to tell you again, that a week or so before my surgery, at my initial visit with you, you were superb. At the first meeting, you showed me the CT scan and explained in detail I could understand exactly what I would be facing. When our meeting was completed, you walked with me to the hallway toward the elevator. During that period you said to me: “We’re going to fix you.” You gave me real assurance and settled my nerves. I will always remember that.

Many thanks,
Philip M.

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