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Wilson R.

Sleeve Gastrectomy


Wilson, 15 months after weight loss surgery

Wilson, prior to weight loss surgery

I struggled with weight issues for years. It started with high blood pressure and it progressed to diabetes and high cholesterol. Over the years I also developed back issues which caused my life to change. It was discovered that I had arthritis and bulging discs. This caused me to take time off from my photography business. I made the decision to research my options for bariatric surgery since all weight loss options did not help me. I went to VHC for a seminar and that is where I met Dr. David. He was extremely honest with me about what surgeries would benefit me and I felt very comfortable with him. With his help and some more thinking, I started the process for my surgery. I [then] had my surgery and I cannot express how much it has changed my life. The recovery period was roughly 2-3 weeks and I started to lose weight in no time. The experience at the hospital was great as well! I expected the recovery period to be worse but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Within the first 6 months after surgery, I no longer had high blood pressure, and I no longer needed my sleep apnea machine. I can walk long distances and walk up several flights of stairs without having to take breaks to catch my breath. I can now shop at several stores and not be exclusive to the big and tall store. If someone I know were to ask if I would recommend the surgery, I would say “YES!” However, this is merely a tool to help you lose weight. You do have to put in the effort to lose the weight and maintain it. This is not an easy way out.

Wilson and his wife Beatriz before weight loss surgery

Wilson and Beatriz after weight loss surgery

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