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Vincent H.

My wife and I made a decision that we need to start living better. My wife looked into weight loss surgery options, and found that Dr. Salameh at VHC had a good reputation. I met with Betsy, and followed the diet for 6 months and lost 60 pounds on my own. The day of surgery I weighed 327 pounds. The surgery itself was smooth, and I was out of the hospital in two days.

Since the surgery, I have a lot more energy. I take care of my body and now work out four times a week. My rheumatoid arthritis is gone. My diabetes is gone. I am not on any medications, I just have a vitamin regimen. My numbers look good!

My wife and I have always loved going to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Now, getting on rides is so much easier – I never have to worry if I am too big! I also work a physical job as a maintenance engineer, and the weight loss surgery has helped tremendously with that.

I have no regrets. Surgery was the best thing I ever did!

Vincent, before weight loss surgery

Vincent, after surgery

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