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Gena K.

Duodenal Switch

My journey probably sounds very similar to other stories you may have heard, maybe even your own.

I had problems with my weight my entire life. On 3 separate occasions I lost over 150 lbs., only to have a life tragedy hit me and I would gain every ounce back. At my heaviest I was over 360 lbs. Two times I filled out the application for the reality TV weight loss show only to rip it up, realizing that there was no way I could be without an income for the length of time required to be on the show.

Gena, before weight loss surgery

Gena, four years after weight loss surgery


[Over four years ago] I made the serious decision that saved my life. I met with my primary care physician to discuss weight loss surgery and seek a recommendation for a surgeon. Dr Salameh and Surgical Specialists came highly recommended. I attended the free weight loss seminar, with the support of my family, and gained knowledge about procedural options. I scheduled a consultation with Dr Salameh and it was wonderful. He provided me with greater insight on options to consider, which allowed me to do further research and make a final decision.

I had a duodenal switch, lost 160 lbs., and my life was changed forever. Everyday I tell myself; it’s the best decision I’ve ever made! Don’t be afraid to take that first step and create your own story…..Believe in yourself and dream big!

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