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Diann B.

My weight had fluctuated over the years, until I finally could no longer control it, and all my efforts yielded no results. My gynecologist, Dr. J. Jeffrey Elliott (at VHC), recommended Surgical Specialists, and I finally made the decision to make an appointment and do something. My job as a Library Assistant at the Circulation Desk requires a lot of standing, and even though I only work part time, I was finding my knees and back aching after each shift. I was also driving just 2 blocks to work instead of walking.

Diann, after surgery

Diann, before weight loss surgery

I started feeling better about 6 weeks after surgery…I live alone and it would have been easier to have someone there to take care of me [during the 6 weeks of weight lifting restrictions]. I do a lot more walking now; walk to work, stores, local doctor appointments, friends houses, etc. My knees no longer bother me.

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