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Endocrine Surgery

Endocrine neoplasia is a term physicians use to describe tumors that arise from the organs of the body that produce hormones. These tumors are often benign but occasionally can be malignant or cancerous. They are usually associated with the elevated production of hormones. These hormones can have a variety of effects on a patient’s health. For example, severe high blood pressure can be caused by elevated hormone levels that are produced by the thyroid gland or by tumors of the adrenal glands. Routine blood bests may show elevated calcium levels in the blood; this is often caused by too much hormone being made by an overactive parathyroid gland. Left unattended serious health problems including heart diseases, pancreatitis, kidney stones, muscular dysfunction, and severe osteoporosis could occur. Thus, treatment of these hormonal disorders is necessary.

Surgery for hormonal disorders requires a high degree of experience. With years of combined experience in the treatment of these disorders, and having performed many operations on patients with hormonal tumors, the surgeons at Surgical Specialists are well qualified to diagnose and treat this class of diseases.


The diagnosis of a health disorder caused by an over-abundance of thyroid hormone can usually be easily identified through laboratory tests. Treatment for some of these disorders, such as those associated with the thyroid gland can often be accomplished with medications in concert with your primary doctor or endocrinologist. In situations where a tumor or nodule is seen, a procedure called fine needle aspiration (FNA) is done by sampling the nodule with a small needle. Surgery might be recommended depending on the findings. Surgical Specialists has many years experience with thyroid surgery.


The parathyroid glands a usually multiple with 3-6 patches of tissue located in the neck. They are in close proximity to the thyroid gland. The parathyroid glands serve the major role in controlling calcium balance. On rare occasions over activity of one (or several) glands may require surgical removal. This surgery requires pre-operative scanning to localize the gland involved in most cases. Surgery can then proceed with minimally small incisions to excise the overactive gland.


The two adrenal glands are located in the back, adjacent to the kidneys. They provide the body with steroid hormones and catecholamines, to allow normal energy, glucose control, blood pressure control, kidney regulation and many other functions. Tumors, nodules, or over activity of the adrenal glands are diagnosed by blood tests or CT scans. In certain conditions, surgery is advisable. This is particularly true when gland over activity is life threatening or cancer is suspected. Surgical Specialists routinely uses laparoscopy to remove the adrenal gland. Compared to the traditional open surgery which required large incision in the abdomen or the flank with prolonged hospital stay and recovery, laparoscopic adrenal surgery has advantages for quicker convalescence and less pain. We have extensive experience with laparoscopic adrenal surgery and work closely with the endocrinologist and anesthesiologist for outstanding outcomes.


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