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Urodynamic Testing

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An office procedure

This office based procedure allows us to get a detailed understanding of the function of your bladder with respect to its storage and emptying ability.

In order to perform this diagnostic procedure, a small catheter will be placed through the urethra and into the bladder. This catheter will allow us to fill your bladder and monitor the pressures inside your bladder during the test. A second small catheter will be placed through the anus into the rectum. This second catheter allows us to measure your baseline abdominal pressure during the procedure. Additionally 2 small stickers will be placed on your skin in the perineal area and these allow us to measure the activity in your urethral sphincter muscles.

The test is divided into two parts. During the first part, we will fill your bladder through the urethral catheter. This allows us to measure the storage qualities of your bladder. After your bladder has reached capacity, we move to the second part of the test where you are asked to urinate allowing us to measure the emptying abilities of the bladder.

Analysis of the data obtained during this 2 phase test will help your urologist get an understanding of your bladder’s storage and emptying abilities.

After the test, it is not uncommon to have some discomfort with urinating and even possibly some blood in your urine, for the first 24-48 hours. Rarely, patients can develop a urinary tract infection from having this test done which would be treated with antibiotics. Testing typically lasts about 20-40 minutes.

If your doctor has has recommended that you have urodynamic testing, you can call our office at 703.717.4200 to schedule your office procedure.


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