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Important Prescription Information

Please be aware that the Commonwealth of Virginia requires all providers to check use the Prescription Monitory Program before any controlled substance is prescribed.  Therefore, please note that if you…

Check Your Cholesterol – National Heart Month

Facts about cholesterol Click image to enlarge Cholesterol is a fat-like, waxy substance that can be found in all parts of your body. It helps your body make cell membranes, many…

Protect Yourself Against the Flu

Flu season is just around the corner. Rohit Modak, MD, FIDSA offers advice about how to keep you and your family healthy. Dr. Modak is Chief of Infectious Diseases at…

May 5: National Hand Hygiene Day

Today, we celebrate National Hand Hygiene Day by reviewing the best practice when it comes to washing our hands. What is the best way to wash hands? At home or work, wash…

5 Ways to Avoid the Common Cold and Flu

You don’t want to spend this winter battling a runny nose, a nagging cough, or a fever. But colds and flu come with the season, right? They don’t have to….

Protect Yourself This Flu Season

Protect yourself against the seasonal flu this year by being vaccinated. Everyone six months old and older should receive a flu vaccine this season. During the flu season, people may…

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